LottoBoat Club & Rentals
$219** For a MON Thru FRI morning ONLY Deck or Pontoon Boat 3.5 hour Use, all for only $219 including Fuel and Tax. THis offer is valid ONLY until August 14th 2017.
LIMITED TIME ONLY $189 for FOUR 60 Minute Wave Runner rentals ((INCLUDES the GAS & TAX)). Limit 5 per person. Vouchers valid for 24 months from date of purchase.
ONLY $14 for TWO 2 hour Kayak or SUP rentals. Enjoy a stroll with friends or family in a Kayak or on a SUP any day for $14 each.
$9 Columbus Day special, TWO 2 hour Single Kayak or SUP rental vouchers. Valid for 24 months after date of purchase.
New Years SPECIAL. **$750 for FOURTY** 60 minute Wave Runner uses. These vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.Additional use id $20/hr. Fuel and Gas not included.

The purchase of these vouchers is NON refundable, ALL SALES Final!! Only substitute or exchange for other product or services will be authorized. 

$29 for a 60 min wave Runner rental any day or time. Reservations required..
ONLY $88 for THREE 60 min JetSki/ Wave Runner rental(s)! Buy the THREE Pack NOW! Click here. Normally priced at $255. Limited to 5 per order. Only 11 remain at this price. DOES NOT include Gas or Tax.
FUN For the whole family a 3 hour Deck boat rental for $249.99 (INCLUDES Fuel & Tax). Normally priced $459.
Spring Break Special!! $625 for TWENTY-FIVE 60 minute WAVE RUNNER uses with friends family or on your own for $25 per hour, fuel and tax NOT included. ONLY 17 of these packages will be offered, offer valid till sold out!! The vouchers will be good for 24 months. All this for $625, plus fuel and tax at time of use.